Walla Walla Nursery


Our nursery consists around 40 acres of growing space situated on both sides of the Oregon/Washington state line, including 4 acres of heated greenhouses, 5 acres of shade structures, and over 30 acres of open growing space. We are blessed with moderate weather conditions, a long growing season, and high quality spring-fed streams that supply our irrigation needs. 

We produce close to three million container plants annually most of which are grown and overwintered outdoors. Our emphasis on outdoor growing coupled with the cool nights typical of our inland locality produce compact, durable, vernalized plants that will bloom heavily and perform well even in the frosty spring mornings typical of the inland Northwest. 

To continue making WWNC a better supplier and a better place to work, we are investing in process improvement, efficiency and automation in propagation, potting, transplanting, inventory, order processing, custom labeling, and water use.